Agnipath Scheme: Government came under pressure after protests, took this big decision on 'Agnipath Scheme'; Will affect millions of youth

 Agnipath Scheme: Youth across the country are protesting against the government's new Agnipath scheme for recruitment in the three services. Now the government has announced to increase the maximum age of recruitment to stop the anger of the youth. Let us know who will get the benefit of this announcement.Agnipath Scheme: विरोध प्रदर्शनों के बाद दबाव में आई सरकार, 'अग्निपथ स्कीम' पर लिया ये बड़ा फैसला; लाखों युवाओं पर पड़ेगा असर

Agnipath Scheme

After the launch of the Agneepath scheme for recruitment at the military level in the three armies of the country, its opposition continues across the country. Somewhere the roads are being blocked and somewhere the train is being burnt. The central government, which came under pressure after the protests, has now decided to give relaxation in the age limit of recruitment to the youth to pacify their anger. But this relaxation will be for one time only and after that there will be recruitment according to the age limit of Agnipath scheme.

Youth up to 23 years of age can be recruited in Agneepath scheme

The Ministry of Defense said on Thursday that due to the Corona epidemic, recruitment in the three armies was stalled for the last two years. Because of this, many youths became overage while preparing. Now to give relief to such youth, the government has decided to give them age relaxation once. At present, the government has fixed the age limit of 17.5 years to 21 years for recruitment in the new Agnipath scheme. But youth up to 23 years of age will also be able to apply in the first recruitment of the three services starting soon.

Age relaxation will be available for one time only

Let us inform that under the Agnipath scheme, 96 thousand soldiers will be recruited in a year. Of these, 40 thousand recruitment will be for the Army and the rest will be done for the Air Force and Navy. The first of these recruitment rally is expected to be held during the next 90 days. The youth across the country are eagerly waiting for the recruitment of the three armies to open. While preparing for this, the maximum age of many youth has also passed, due to which frustration is spreading among them.

Youth are protesting against Agneepath scheme

As soon as the government launched the Agnipath scheme after holding a press conference on Wednesday, there has been anger among the youth across the country. The youth say that after serving for 4 years, they will be fired from the army at the age of 25 after being declared unfit. Where will they go after that? The youth are angry that the government is playing with their future in order to save their money. They have been protesting against this scheme by taking to the streets continuously for the last 2 days.

Defense experts have also expressed concern over the scheme

Defense experts have also expressed concern over this scheme of the government. Experts say that the government's concern to reduce the increasing expenditure of pension and salary of soldiers is justified, but it cannot be used along with the recruitment and training of the three services. Retired military officers say that full time soldiers are needed, not time pass soldiers, to deal with declared enemies like China and Pakistan. Soldiers who are recruited in the army for only 4 years will not be able to develop the passion which is in regular soldiers, but they will not be able to become skilled and disciplined warriors like regular soldiers.

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