Bihar: BJP leader shot his wife first, then committed suicide with a gun on his forehead; here is the case

 Munger Murder: In Munger, Bihar, BJP OBC Morcha District General Secretary Arun Yadav first shot his wife and then committed suicide by shooting herself.

Munger Murder: There has been an incident in Munger, Bihar which has caught everyone's attention. BJP OBC Morcha District General Secretary Arun Yadav first shot his wife and then committed suicide by shooting herself. The police have recovered two country-made pistols, a kiosk and several live cartridges at the site of the incident. It is being told that he had come to the doctors of Patna on the last day i.e. on Wednesday after showing his wife.

first murdered his wife then shot himself

Let us tell you that Arun Yadav's wife was going to contest the election of the Mayor of the Municipal Corporation, for many months, Arun Yadav was also preparing for this. According to the information, Arun Yadav first shot his wife Preeti Kumari in the head late in the evening at his residence located at Lal Darwaza, then committed suicide by shooting himself in his temple. On hearing the sound of the bullet, the family members got suspicious and saw that Arun Yadav had shot his wife and himself.

bodies sent for postmortem

At the same time, after getting information about the incident, the Kotwali police station reached the spot and took possession of the bodies of the husband and wife and sent them to Munger Sadar Hospital for post-mortem. The relatives told that they had come home at four o'clock and had given sprites to the attackers. After that, after giving fodder to the cow, he went to the room on the terrace with his wife. At the same time, a loud sound came from the room, after which it was seen that Arun Yadav shot and killed his wife and shot himself. He said that we do not know why he did this. The relatives told that on Wednesday he had come from Patna after showing his wife.

When the police arrived, such a sight was seen

At the same time, on getting information about the incident, Kotwali Police Station President Dhirendra Pandey reached Lal Darwaza at the BJP leader's house. Where he broke the door of the closed room and saw that BJP leader's wife Preeti Kumari has fallen on the ground and BJP leader Arun Yadav is lying on the bed. At the same time, two country-made pistols were recovered from the BJP leader. Simultaneously, a bhindoli filled with cartridges was recovered in the BJP leader's room. Along with this, a shell was also recovered.

Mayor wanted to make wife

Significantly, Arun Yadav and his wife Preeti Kumari were BJP leaders and were active members in the party. On the other hand, Arun Yadav wanted his wife Preeti Kumari to contest for the mayor's election. For which husband and wife were preparing for this for many months. At the same time, let us tell you that BJP leader Arun Yadav used to be very worried about the mayor election and was working very hard to make his wife mayor in any case.

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