FINA Bans Participation of Trans Athletes in Women’s Swimming Competitions

 In an official meeting, FINA asked its medical, legal, and athlete counsels to dwell on the subject. Two counsels from each section justified the top body’s move, which was followed by an election comprising the member organisations.

Out of the 274 members,196 voted in favour of the controversial policy.

Sports scientist Ross Tucker, in his podcast Real Science of Sport, argued that the hormones after puberty bring different structural changes to a biologically male and female’s body. The males are at a greater advantage because of the testosterone levels, and transitioning into a woman doesn’t cut out the effects of the hormone completely, he argued.

He further explained that according to at least 13 case studies, the effects of testosterone on physiological features like heart size, muscle strength, muscle mass, muscle performance, lung size, and body fat never get nullified entirely, even after the transition.

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