Three Wives Contesting MP Village Polls, Their Panchayat Secretary Husband Suspended For Withholding Info


Two of the three wives, contesting for the sarpanch post, named Sukhram Singh as husband on the nomination forms. He allegedly withheld info about his third wife contesting for a different post.

A panchayat secretary in Madhya Pradesh was suspended after it came to light that his three "wives" were contesting the upcoming village elections in the Singrauli district. According to a PTI report, the man, Sukhram Singh, had withheld information about his third wife. Two of the three women, who are competing for the position of sarpanch, named Sukhram Singh as their husband on the nomination forms, the report said.

Disciplinary action against Sukhram, including suspension, was recommended by BK Singh, chief executive of Deosar janpad panchayat. According to BK Singh, all staff in the department have been instructed to provide information on family members or relatives contesting the panchayat elections. Sukhram, previously assigned to the Ghoghra village of panchayat that is now merged with the Sarai Nagar Parishad, had informed the panchayat and the Department of Rural Development about the candidacy of his two wives but kept that of the third wife a secret.

The department had first served a show-cause notice on Sukhram. As he did not respond to it, a report was submitted to the chief executive officer of the district panchayat with recommendations for disciplinary action, including suspension. 

The report said that Sukhram Singh's two wives, Kusukali Singh and Geeta Singh, are contesting for sarpanch post of Piparkhad village panchayat against each other. Geeta Singh was previously the village sarpanch. 

Urmila Singh, also a wife of Sukhram, is a candidate for a member's seat at the Janpad Panchayat in Pedra.

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