Twitterati react to unique resignation letter

 Do you have to drag yourself to work every day? Are you someone who does not like you to go to work? If you are someone who is on the verge of leaving your job, there is an innovative solution for you. If you despise your work, giving a resignation maybe is a big relief, as this person’s resignation has gone viral on Twitter. The image has put Twitterati in a tizzy.

A Twitter user named Maphanga Mbuso posted a photo of the short and crisp resignation letter that read, “Bye bye sir”.

Take a look to get a good idea

The picture has got more than 214K likes since it was uploaded. One coworker wrote, “I would like to notify you of my resignation”. “My last day is on the… I felt that was very direct. Why write an essay”? read the other comments. Many Twitter users also retweeted the picture.

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