Varanasi Airport makes Covid-19 announcements in Sanskrit, internet reacts- Watch video

 The addition of Sanskrit in the announcements made by Varanasi Airport has divided the internet into supporters and opposers of the new move by the airport authorities.

Varanasi Airport makes Covid-19 announcements in Sanskrit, internet reacts- Watch video

Adding a new language, the announcements of the Lal Bahadur Shastri Airport in Varanasi announced the cautions of Covid-19 in the Sanskrit language. A video of the incident was posted on the internet and has gained the attention of the netizens. Moreover, the announcements in the new language have stirred up the internet among the netizens who are habitual of hearing them in Hindi and English language.

The video of the announcements in Sanskrit via the official Twitter handle of the Varanasi Airport. The video shows the passengers in the airport moving around while the authorities make the announcements in Sanskrit. The caption of the video posted on Twitter said in Hindi, "Now at Varanasi Airport, after English and Hindi, the Covid norms are being announced in Sanskrit also. At the airport to our respected passengers. As soon as they come, they will feel that they have entered the back place of Kashi – Sanskrit language."

Many users have reacted to the video, some of the users favored the addition of the language in the announcements, while others opposed and criticized the change. One of the users commented on the post, saying, "who will understand," referring to the announcements made in Sanskrit. While many other users gave suggestions of including other languages in the announcements made at the airports.

Singer TM Krishna commented on the post saying, "let us also include Pali and Prakrit. Sarnath is the place where Buddha delivered his first sermon, and Ashoka built his most iconic pillar! both languages have a large corpus of material! The sheer stupidity of making a public health safety announcement in Sanskrit!"

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